Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Quick Photo Dump :)

Now that we're back from our trip (and have access to better wifi), I decided to relive the experience a bit/share all the photos I took last week. Enjoy! :)
Kensie and Elise portioning beans at DCCK's Nutrition Lab
Jovi cutting collard greens at DCCK's Nutrition Lab
Aria, Isabel, and Ella portioning applesauce for after school snacks at DCCK's Nutrition Lab
Andrew and Wade's great beard nets at DCCK :)
Isabel prepping garlic bread at Charlie's Place early on Wednesday morning
Jovi organizing the clothing room at Charlie's Place
A fun monkey peeler I found at Charlie's Place :)
The group, pre-48 hour homelessness plunge...
....aaand post-48 hour homeless plunge
Ella and Jackie peeling carrots at DCCK
Mikela and Jovi chopping peppers at DCCK
Elise chopping peppers at DCCK
Making our mark on DCCK's wall!
Making our mark on DCCK's wall!
Group picture at DCCK
We were lucky enough to visit during cherry blossom season :)
Food truck stop between service at Central Union Mission and a Bread for the City tour
Community garden on the roof of Bread for the City. Our guide pointed out that low-income housing was torn down and replaced by the luxury condos in the background.
Setting up and sorting produce for Bread for the City's monthly free farmer's market. They host one at both their northwest and southeast location- on Friday, we were at the southeast location.
Bread for the City's free farmer's market- rainy day!
Group picture with the lovely staff members at Bread for the City!
Group picture at A Wider Circle's professional development center. This organization provides furniture (and, of course, professional development) for low income families- something that is often overlooked, but very necessary!
A final group picture at our hostel on Saturday morning, right before heading out. :)


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