Saturday, March 19, 2016


Hi folks!

Welcome to the 2016 Hunger and Homelessness Catalyst blog. Whether you are a loved one, friend, or random internet passerby, we appreciate your interest and are excited to share our journey. 

Throughout the upcoming week, we (a group of 10 participants, 2 student leaders, and 1 staff advisor) will be engaging in service and reflection around the issue of hunger and homelessness in Washington, D.C. We will be working with 7 community partners in the DC area, including the National Coalition for the Homelessness- with whom we will be participating in a 48 hour homeless challenge. Between Sunday and Tuesday morning, all but Lacey (our staff advisor) will be grouped in pairs. Each person will be given a trash bag and 2-3 blankets, and will be challenged to explore how the homeless live by experiencing it ourselves. At night, we will meet up as a group and then split again (in groups of 4 this time), where somebody who has/is currently experiencing homelessness will watch over us so that we can sleep. 

Needless to say, this experience will be a powerful and challenging one. The group has had numerous meetings beforehand to learn about the issue, and to prepare ourselves. We have also worked with a couple of organizations in MSP that also work to end homelessness. As a site leaders, we can't wait to see what everybody does, and only have the upmost confidence in each participant!

Keep us in your thoughts! We will be checking in tonight!
KC and JM

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